it’s officially spring here
i’ve got my window open just a crack
but the way this season smells is quickly making the rounds.

there are baby buds on the trees outside,
and small white flowers springing from the dirt.
there are birds, scattered and scampering and flitting around and
singing the beautiful songs of spring.

there are flowers outside at the market now.
buckets lined together in short tight rows,
plastic pails filled with water and stems.


there are seeds for sale on the grocers’ shelves
sweet peas and petunias and all kinds of green.

it’s the season of pretty here
and that’s a brilliant thing.





i also wanted to share
some beautiful photos of the apartment where i used to live.
it’s a a place i still occasionally work, but no longer make my home.
it was shot for covet gardens by michael graydon, a name you see around here often
and who happens to also be my partner in crime.

i’ve also been working on writing my recipes down lately,
something i’m still practicing at but am enjoying just the same.
i love this one for sakura candy corn,
and this one for custard doughnuts with rhubarb sauce in issue 21 of covet gardens.
it’ll take longer than the candy corn but it’s well worth the effort!
the doughnut dough portion of the recipe is an adapted version of this jelly doughnut recipe


AND i’ve also got some super fabulous news to share!
i’ll be announcing a new regular contributor here soon.
her posts will be based around travel, recipes and cafes,
and they’re going to be beautiful!


PLUS an HG update soon!
and more big news on the way as well.
that’s all for now, friends.
hope things are swell.
xo, n






these notebooks and these ones too this soap this photo cocoa carrot cake my blog feed is fixed, you can follow along here these shorts how great do these look?! (i love the 4th photo!) i'd really like to stay here! (via) dip-dyed lamp shades these glasses (via) these look perfect so much goodness in heidi merrick's spring line and this looks like it would smell nice
because sleepy lambs are the cutest lambs because today is the first day of spring, and because that makes things feel different somehow. like there's change on the horizon, like something good is about to happen like something great is just around the corner and i like that.   and isn't this lamb the cutest ever? i just wanted to pick her up and bring her home. i even momentarily convinced myself that maybe it would be okay to have a lamb as a pet.     that's all for now. hope your day is grand! xo, n         ////// this makes me miss trips to mexico a dark grey pleated skirt a two zip wallet in jewel orange a pile of crocks this is beautiful creams and whites and a little book (via) i thought these were cute and the photo is by michael graydon on a recent trip we took to vancouver island
  hi! just popping in to say a quick hello and show you around our shop a little.     it's slowly turning to spring here. the birds have returned and the snow is gone, and i can't stop thinking of the months to come. i can't stop thinking of spring.   how about you? how are things? any big plans for the season that comes next? xo, n         \\\   clouds indoors. amazing. (via)(via) anabela's blog lately. a long time favourite that just got better. this is brilliant. this hotel is beautiful. (via) my kinda lunch. more here. this necklace and a few new items in the shop             \\\ and in honor of the season to come: camping boats swimming jellyfish horses and bathing suits