HERRIOTT GRACE + JOHN JULIAN DESIGN   We've added new ceramics to the shop. Made by hand in England, Julian Sainsbury's pieces are both beautiful and utilitarian. They're heavy in weight, but delicate in design. They remind me of kitchens in years past. Of old world pastry shops. The kind where the counters are marble and the tools well-used. Where the tiles are rectangular and the windows paned. Where it smells of butter and flour and fresh cooking fruit. Of a time when made with attention was the standard, not the exception. xo, N         HERRIOTT GRACE + JOHN JULIAN DESIGN   + other shop news -We're now offering FREE shipping on orders destine to North America over $500, enter NORTHAMERICA at the cart -We've added new Italian Fruit Jam to the shop -Sue made some of the most beautiful salad bowls ever -We're updating our one-of-a-kind items later this week -And we now have dessert and side plates in stock   HERRIOTT GRACE + JOHN JULIAN DESIGNHERRIOTT GRACEPHOTOS: Nikole Herriott