HG | on brioche & bostocks These days I eat less bread than I used to. Not no bread, but less. And I try to stick to the good stuff when I do. Like brioche, I love brioche. So when I found out my friend Tara was going to include a recipe for bostocks in her new book, I knew I had to try it. She's a bit of a magician in the kitchen and we have a history of searching out bostocks together. Plus I've made her chocolate chip cookies and they're fantastic. Same goes for her fried chicken, her pickled strawberry preserves and her house burger sauce. All without surprise, excellent.     Anyway, brioche (and bostocks) come with a fair bit of nostalgia for me. They remind me of my first days working in a pastry kitchen. You learn brioche (the foundation of bostocks) early on, it's one of those basic recipes you have to master, like pâte à choux or crème pâtissiére. It's also really versatile as far as application goes. Perfect the day you make it, but equally great days later.     If you haven't made (or had) bostocks before, they're essentially thick pieces of brioche, soaked in simple syrup (Tara's has orange blossom water and citrus rind) and spread with almond cream (often garnished with sliced almonds or even dried fruit). In Tara's recipe, the almond cream puffs up around the almonds themselves and melds into the soaked bread. The result is a centre that is someplace between bread, custard and a slice of cake, with the edges feeling crispy like a piece of toast. They're fragrant, but not overpowering, and perfect in hand on the way out the door. Herriott Grace   [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:28] HG | on brioche & bostocks   + some things I like: This rug, this rug and this one Outdoor Voices This basket I just ordered this book I can't wait to try these My baking board These bags This suit I think we should get this for our patio/garden And Rosebud Multi-Use Oil   HG | on brioche & bostocks PHOTOS: Nikole Herriott