HG | Raspberry and Apple Crumble

  More days than not, Tara and I talk about food. We talk about porridge and grain and how flaky biscuits can be. We talk about writing a good recipe (She's working on her first book! With biscuits included.) and what we’re making that day.       We talk about ice cream and cake and just about everything in between. And we also talk about  making more time to work together. And so as a start of things to come, find Tara’s recipe for RASPBERRY APPLE CRUMBLE.    

It's cold here still, so while we're actually really yearning for spring, crumble still seems to fit.

It's perfect day-of warm, with a dollop of cream but it’s also great for travelling. Let it rest overnight before cutting into wide slices and wrapping snuggly in plastic wrap.     I so like the idea of crumble for dessert and then crumble the next day  at lunch. xo, N       _____ [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:20]   HG | Raspberry and Apple Crumble