HG | Nikole Herriott + Michael Graydon   Last year when April was turning to May we went to Montreal. We spent a few days driving around, going from one restaurant to the next, taking pictures. Eating small amounts of this and that, wishing we could stay longer, wishing there was time to eat more.   The grass was already green by then and it felt a bit like summer. We stayed in a friend's apartment, quite near to the restaurants we'd planned to visit. There was a spiral staircase to get to her front door and a long back deck with a clothesline. There were blooms outside the windows and small buds on the trees. It felt vaguely like we lived there, vaguely like we could call that place home. I'd like to go back, I'd like to walk through the neighbourhoods more and I'd like to eat at nora gray.   HG | Nikole Herriott + Michael Graydon   On a separate note I'd love to know your thoughts on places to eat, stay and visit in New York City. We've stayed at a few different hotels which have been great but we're curious about airbnb and longer stay options. If you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them! xo, N       HG | Nikole Herriott + Michael Graydon   these sandals this post ice cream cones i want to go sailing ballet in nyc this vase and this reminds me of summer       HG | Nikole Herriott + Michael Graydonphotos: michael graydon + nikole herriott