HG | for the love of pie I know that summer has passed and I'm meant to be thinking of fall. Of fires and sweaters and warm coloured leaves. Of apples and pears and vegetables with girth. Of braises and roasts and drinks made with whiskey. But I'm sorta mourning summer.   I've been travelling a lot lately, and with that, one season sorta glides silently to next.     There's good and bad in that. The travel itself has been amazing, inspiring in a way, that for me, little else is.     At the same time I also feel like I kind of missed Canada's fairest season. And I'm a season late in posting Suvi's tarts. But I'm actually happy to talk about them now.     She sent her photos and words when the sun was still high, when wild blueberries were plentiful, both in Finland and Canada. So while I've got to wait until next year to make her tarts, I like that they are her lovely words are a reminder of just how magical the close to summer can be.   >>>>>>>>>>>>> So with that,  FOR THE LOVE OF PIE — a series that celebrates the simple things with Suvi Viitanen and her Summer Berry Tarts. xo, N             HG | for the love of pie   WHO? Suvi Viitanen WHAT? Summer berry tarts with whipped yogurt cream and lemon curd. These are perfect for those relaxed high summer days when the season starts to lean towards autumn but there are still plenty of ripe berries and fruits. I find blueberries very nostalgic; they have the taste of summer but you can feel the air changing crisper and see the nature starting to fade it's colours.   WHERE? In western Finland. My family has a summer house by the ocean and my better half's family has their summer house by the lake so we are always around water in the summertime. I practically grew up in the ocean so it has a really special place in my heart. We picked wild blueberries from the forest and enjoyed these tarts by the dock. But you don't really need water to have these. Just warm, sunny weather, ripe berries and people close to you to share them with.   WHY? I chose to make these because I love this time of year and I have an addiction for picking blueberries. Though you can practically make these from any berry or fruit and I like recipes that are versatile. You can also switch the yogurt cream mixture to crème fraîche, mascarpone or even for a good scoop of vanilla ice cream. These tarts are also really simple to make: they don't need many ingredients or equipments and that's perfect for a summer house kitchen. In the summer I don't fuss with food, it has to be good, simple and seasonal. HG | for the love of pie  BEST SERVED WITH? When the fruits are ripe and scented. When the air smells like a mixture of harvest, dried up summer flowers, ripening fruits and hot air. When you have dear people and friends around you and you feel the need to serve them something delicious and simple. I'd pair this with coffee spiced up with cardamom because I really adore blueberries and cardamom together. But I wouldn't rule out sparkling wine or maybe a little bit of really, really cold Limoncello.   ONE OR TWO THINGS? I love everything creative. I drew and painted throughout my childhood, then went to study art where I changed my way of creating to photography. And I'm still on the path of learning and loving every second of it.     HG | for the love of pie [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:17]