HG | John Cullen   We went to Muskoka this past weekend. It snowed big beautiful flakes for near two straight days. Those ones that just seem to hover there. The kind that remind you that winter is still at least a little bit, magic.       The kind that make you crave crackling fires and wool socks. That make you think of homemade bread and bowls of soup.       We saw wild turkeys, and waterfalls that had turned to ice. We walked on frozen lakes, on snowy paths and saw fishing huts lined up in a long straight row. It was nice.             The photos you see here are unrelated but beautiful I think. They're from a day I spent with Martine & John almost two years ago now. Amazing how time passes. xo, N     110830_NH 11671   PS: this image these sandals this necklace this table this bird these are back in stock     AND: Photos: John Cullen Props: Martine Blackhurst Food: Nikole Herriott