I know it's not really the season for corn. That the days of butter and salt and kernels from the cob have passed with summer picnics and popsicles from the store. But I'm making it anyway.   Back in July, The Globe & Mail, Canada's newspaper of record, asked me to work on a story about Herriott Grace. It was meant to be a tale about friendship and food and early fall entertaining. A story about what kind of meal I might like to make and share with friends. It was fun.   Lucky for me, two of my favourite people Tara O'Brady and Michael Graydon agreed to join me in the task and we got to working on the perfect harvest meal, smack in the middle of summer.   The recipe here is one of the five that Tara and I came up with. Well she came up with the recipes really, I more chatted endlessly about the food I love, a passtime that she and I have in common. But Tara really is, the one that made it happen. Thanks, T. It was delicious.     Here's what our menu looked like: SANTA CLAUS MELON AND ARUGULA SALAD BRINED PORK CHOPS WITH CIDER PAN SAUCE AND FRIED CAPERS FRESH CORN SAUTÉ WITH FENNEL AND CORIANDER (find the recipe below) BLANCHED BRUSSELS SPROUT LEAVES WITH TOASTED HAZELNUTS ICE WINE GELÉE WITH PLUMS AND YOGURT MOUSSE (find the recipe here!)  

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    these cupcakes are pretty i shared this photo on instagram, but here it is again. adorable new work in bon appétit magazine (and here) these shorts these pants these shoes this skirt this tote this post in this post: photos: michael graydon styling: nikole herriott food: tara o'brady large and small plates: mjölk egg coddlers (glass jars): herriott grace