HG | forty-sixth at grace | italy I was surprised when I first arrived in Puglia. I'd taken the train there, a near full day whizzing past small towns, long fields and the Adriatic Sea. Eight or so hours of inspiration from my seat.       But still, I hadn't expected the south to look that way. I hadn't dreamt of the stark whites and beautiful creams. Nor, the light sandy beige. I hadn't considered that a short moss might grow beneath the olive trees.     I hadn't expected the flat, pale, beauty of it all. The lack of rolling hills and terracota soil.     I don't know what it was I'd expected. It's almost as though I hadn't dreamt big enough.   HG | forty-sixth at grace | italy   I'd heard how wonderful the food was. How different the tomatoes taste, and how fresh the cheese. But I wasn't prepared for backyards of oranges, roadsides of arugula or gardens tucked amidst olive groves. I hadn't thought of the seafood.   Somehow I'd kinda forgotten just how extraordinary travel can be. xo, N         B-Italy_2012_0525-1 PS: find a little more from our trip, here. Photos: Michael Graydon