a word on fall and italy!

  I can feel fall sneaking into the air here. The days are still summer hot by the afternoon, but the evenings are cool and the mornings, crisp.   There's still heat enough for ice cream in the park and lazy saturdays at the market. There's still weather for shoes with no socks and dresses with no tights. But I feel that familiar fade, that familiar tugging of fall.     It's good though. I'm going to make apple pies and coffee cakes. I'm going to make crème caramel and late summer crisps. And in a couple weeks I'm going to leave it all behind for Italy. (!!)     So, I need your help with recommendations. I'll be in Abruzzo (about 10 minutes from Roseto delgi Abruzzi) for the first bit of my journey and then down in Puglia (about 20 minutes from Lecce) for the last bit. Anything I shouldn't miss? Olive groves, farms, markets, restaurants, shops, beaches, parks or anything at all you loved while visiting Italy?       xo, see you soon! n       this dress this hat the third and last photos in this post this dress the strawberries in this post these oxfords these pants a new for the love of pie post soon! this photo the photos in this post were taken by michael graydon and styled by me for garden making magazine. wave white and astrid navy cuffs want to be notified of new blog posts? sign up here. and we made the cover!