A year ago now, John Cullen and I packed our bags and headed to my parent's farm on Vancouver Island.   We had decided only a couple weeks earlier that we'd like to make a film about what it is my father does. About who he is and how he got there. A film about what Herriott Grace means to him. And so we did and it was amazing.   [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/39838446[/vimeo]   In large part, what we do at HG is possible because you guys encourage and support us, and we think that makes us a pretty lucky pair. So thank you.       And thank you to John Cullen, Paul Proux at Stealing Time and Supplemental Films. I'm so very grateful. xo, n         ps: the full version of the film will  be available here on june 14 pps: the images in this post were taken by michael graydon